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Christianity in Wenzhou has a long history. In 1877 when the port of Wenzhou were forced open the first missionaries came here. Till today Wenzhou has a large number of Christians.

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Missionary in Wenzhou

William Edward Soothill (1861-1935) was born in Halifax, Yorkshire. He entered the ministry of the United Methodist Free Church in 1882 and spent twenty-nine years as a missionary in Wenchow, China. Soothill was one of the foremost missionaries of his generation. During his time in Wenchow he founded a hospital, a training college, schools and two hundred preaching places. He was also an educationalist, translator and author of many books on China which earned him a reputation as one of the world's leading authorities on the Chinese language.

In 1911 Soothill became President of the Imperial University at Shansi. Upon his return to England in 1920 he was appointed Professor of Chinese at Oxford University and in 1926 he was a member of Lord Willingdon's delegation to China on the settlement of the Boxer indemnities.

Source: Minutes of Conference 1958 and Encylopedia of World Methdism (1974)

W. E. Soothill: A Mission in China (1906)

Lucy Soothill: A Passport to China(1931)

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